New exhibition space and experimental field for the actual art projects working with video, audio and multimedia technologies. Mainly, this choice has been caused by special conditions of new built up basement floor of the Arsenal, where exhibitions of the program are took place. Entertainment, hi-tech and thoughtful projects show situation in Russian and international videoart and media-art.
Since 2009.

Arsenal of the artist
The exhibition program of personal and group projects of Russian and foreign artists working in strategy of actual art. A spectrum of authors - from "stars" to beginning artists.
This exhibition format acquaints spectators with recent trends in contemporary art. Within the limits of the program workshops and creative meetings with artists are spent.
Since 2007.

Museum Arsenal
The exhibition program shows possibilities of a traditional museum in work with the contemporary art and actual art process. It assumes realization of joint exhibition projects with institutions of museum status possessing collections of contemporary art
The program includes lectures and seminars with curators, art critics and artists.
In the State Museum of Fine Arts, Nizhny Novgorod since 2007.

an exhibitionjorney around the universe of imagination


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