Taming the Void. 50 Years of the Ural Contemporary Art


01.03 - 20.05.2018

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Program: [Exhibitions]

 The Urals Branch of NCCA as part of ROSIZO,
Volga-Vyatka branch of NCCA as part of ROSIZO
supported by
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Exhibition 'Taming the Void. 50 Years of the Ural Contemporary Art'
March 1 — May 20, 2018

The exhibition presents a large-scale study of the Ural contemporary art since the 1960s: from the birth of the alternative artistic environment to the present day.

50 years and 50 key names are placed in chronological order. From Valery Dyachenko's sixties conceptualism and Evgeny Malakhin’s underground art of the 1970s-1980s (Old Man B.U. Kashkin) to the contemporary objects by Timothy Radya and Where Dogs Run. The project's geography includes Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil, Chelyabinsk.

'Taming the Void' is not only the history of the Ural art over the past fifty years, but it is also a story about the unique cultural situation that has developed in the Urals. The exhibition touches upon the problems of art environment in a provincial city, which literally emerges from the void in remote areas and gradually develops its own language and individuality.

The exhibition was created and presented by the team of the NCCA Ural branch in Yekaterinburg, and then it travelled to Moscow as one of the best 2017 branches’ projects. After Nizhny Novgorod, the exhibition will continue its journey through Russia and will be shown in Krasnoyarsk and Perm.

Artists: Eugene Arbenev, the Atomic Province, Old Man B.U. Kashkin, Alexander Bazhenov, Oleg Blyablyas, Anastasia Bogomolova, Alexey Vasko, Valery Gavrilov, Zinaida Gavrilova, Alexander Galamaga, Gennady Gorelov, Kristina Gorlanova, Alisa Gorshenina, Nikolai Grachikov, Lev Gutovsky, Viktor Davydov, Alexander Danilov, Yevgeny Demchenko, Valery Dyachenko, Oleg Yelovoy, ZhKP, Vladimir Zhukov, Andrei Zamyatin, Zer Gut, the Evil, Lyudmila Kalinichenko, Alexei Konstantinov, Where the Dogs Run, Sergei Laushkin, Alexei Lebedev, Leonid Lugovykh, Alexander Lysyakov, Anna Marchenkova, Vlad Mikhel, Valery Pavlov, Nikolay Panafidin, Klim Pashnin, Sergei Poteryaev, Timothy Radya, Alexander Saltanov, Arseniy Sergeev, Sergey Sigey, Svetlana Spirina, Anna Tarshis, Fedor Telkov, Victor Trifonov, Nikolay Fedoreev, Boris Chernyshev, Alexander Shaburov, Igor Shurov, Alexei Schigalev.

Curator: Vladimir Seleznev (Ekaterinburg)

Exhibition opening will be held on February 28, 19:00.
The entry to the opening is free.

March 1, 18:30 – a guided tour with the exhibition's curator Vladimir Seleznev.
The tour is available at the price of the entrance ticket.


Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 12:00–20:00.
The admission is free every Wednesday.

Address: Nizhny Novgorod, Kremlin, Arsenal, building 6
Phone: 8 (831) 422 45 54, www.ncca.ru/nnovgorod

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