Visitors with Mental Disabilities

From December 1, 2017 till November 30, 2018, the Arsenal is implementing a new large-scale inclusive project 'The Together Club', which received support from the Presidential Grant Foundation.

The project is addressed to people with mental disabilities who find it difficult to communicate and interact with others. Among the Club's goals are: expanding the boundaries of the closed community, creating an open creative environment that helps the participants realize their personal and social value through art, taking down barriers between people, getting people TOGETHER.

The project is based on the principle of dialogue and co-creation and unites people with mental disabilities, their families, museum specialists, doctors, creative professionals – theatre directors, choreographers, artists and common Arsenal visitors. Their joint work will form a new community united by creative interests.

The results of this creative process will be a performance, an exhibition, a documentary about the project and its participants, a final regional seminar for museum staff to reflect on the project.

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