An artist, invited for a residence, gets an opportunity to familiarize him/herself with the local environment and cultural traditions. Experience of living in the territory, communication with local people and experts and professional activity during the residency form the basis for creating site-specific and other kinds of art-projects.

An interactive art research Questions for the TRANSCITY of EKATERINBURG by Erik Gongrich and Stefan Shankland within the international action Museum Night 2010.


In January 2009 Agnes Meyer-Brandis of the Research-Raft FFUR began a study of mineral treasures and meteor activity in the Urals, in and around Ekaterinburg. Intense explorations and fieldwork allowed her to make a projection: Ekaterinburg is very likely to face a collision with an NEO (Near Earth Object) on May 16th at 22:32 local time. According to calculations, the meteorite would have to touch ground on the field right behind the NCCA.


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