Kids workshop

Supervisor: Suzdalev Andrey

This program reveals a fascinating world of screen arts to the child, the world where he or she could use imagination and implement most varied creative ideas. The participants of the studio can try themselves in the function of a screenplay writer, film director and animation artist. To produce their works children use simple materials like paper, scissors, soft-tip pen, crayons and a digital camera; later everything is edited in the computer (this is the only part of work which is performed by adults now).

The teachers of the studio help their students to take the first step from the consumer attitude to the screen art in the direction of independent creation; we teach children to see, not just to watch.

Classes are held during the academic year from September to May.

We accept children of 8-14 y. o.

To join the studio group and to get additional information:

Animated films by students of the NCCA's Kids Workshop


Optical toys, from prehistory of cinema and animation to media archeology

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