Permanent Residence of Ural Industrial Biennial

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The permanent residence of Ural Industrial Biennial in a city of Satka is a new program created by Ural branch of National Center for Contemporary Art (Russia) in collaboration with Industrial complex Magnezit. This program is dedicated both to establish artistic activities on-site (such as, research residencies, production of art-works, artist-talks, community based programs) and to provide a variety of cultural activities in the field of contemporary arts in a city of Satka.

The permanent residence functions during the biennial years and in between, aiming to realize residences of different formats and expecting results. Basically, the residency is multidisciplinary, it can be organized for a group of artists or be individual, be a research one or to have a production of an art-piece as a final result. The flexibility of the formats is enframed with a couple of principles:

  • resources we have (such as an access to the production sites and processes of operating factory, a possibility of communication with local communities, a chance to work in a city public space) should be appreciated by artist and be needed to accomplishment or development of his or her project/research/idea:
  • together with an artist we are searching for a right format and length of a residency according to his or her proposal and we are ready to accept any changes of format and length if there is an evident artistic need for such a change.

The permanent residence of Ural Industrial Biennial in a city of Satka works both with Russian and international artists and provides them with: accommodation, meals, means of production, materials for production (basically), professional assistance.

The creation of Permanent residence is a result of operation of Artist-in-residence program of the biennial.
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