Resistance strategies. Exhibition and project by Gluklya (Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya)


24.01 - 22.02.2012, 19:00-19:00

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Program: [Educational projects]

  It is no accident that the exhibition opens on the 27th of January – sacred holiday for all residents of Leningrad – day of reversal of the Siege. The idea of dialogue between the generations, approaching our historic past represented by the veterans through art serves to attract attention to such vulnerable layers of society as students and pensioners. The artist presents various resistance strategies by means of different media – video, objects, and installations.

  Fragment of installation “The Weird don’t give up” (created and first shown in Amsterdam in 2000)
The center of the exposition is the sculpture composition of author’s objects – coats, protest dresses and dresses-banners.

  Video documentation of performance “Ask and demand”
The project was realized in co-authorship with young artists Olga Zhitlina and Sonya Akimenko.
The trip of beautiful girls to cruiser Aurora, historical symbol of our city, was aimed to protect unfairly suffered pensioners.

  Film demonstration about choir of pensioners “Singing hearts”
The vestiges of the soviet past is the culture of a joint singing (disappearing today) that unites people of the older generation and helps them to survive in a totally changed world of arrived capitalism.

In the realization of the project took part:

Alena Petit – creator of hands
Alexander Pozin – wooden constuctions
Sergey Ugov – technical help in video editing
Curator – Vika Ilyushkina

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