Presentation of the project by Juraj Florek (Slovakia)

project presentation

25.09 - 02.10.2019, 19:00-19:00

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In September, Slovac artist Juraj Florek worked at the NCCA residence on series from 20 outdoor paintings of the contemporary urban environment. These paintings are very far away from classic landscape and traditional image of Kronstadt.

On September 25th Juraj Florek will present his project made in Kronstadt.

"Motifs of my paintings don’t avoid the difficult environment, the selection of locations of dysfunctional “Stalker environments” of industrial architecture, unpleasant post-soviet urban structures, the seemingly unobtrusive corners of today's city, or the current overwhelmingly bad architecture. My works refer to painter seeking through his work the unadorned truth instead of beauty". J. Florek.

Juraj Florek, an artist from Slovakia, was born in 1986. He was graduated from Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica - Slovakia in 2014. In the same year Florek was awarded the 1st Prize in the Competition Painting - The VUB Foundation. The central themes in his works are urban environment and city, that is the most important material for his research.
Among the selected exhibitions: 2018 - Coal and Eggs in Kronika (Bytom, Poland), 2017 - Panel&Burina in Dot Contemporary Art Gallery (Bratislava, Slovakia)

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