NCCA Art Residence in Kronstadt: Eugene Glushen (Belarus)


28.01 - 28.02.2018

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Program: [Art residence]


Eugene Glushen (born in 1988) photographer from Minsk. Examines alternative photo processes and experiments with them. Yevgeny is engaged in an analogue photography since 2007, completed a full course of photography training at Viliya (Minsk, Belarus) and studio photography course at the studio "67" (Minsk, Belarus).

The photographer's works were exhibited at many international exhibitions of pinhole photography: "PINHOLEKON" (Russia, St. Petersburg); "JUST PINHOLE" at the Center for Contemporary Arts (Minsk, Belarus); "THE GAME IN THE CLASSIC" (Minsk - Grodno - Vilnius, Belarus - Lithuania).

Eugene’s opts for analogue manual processes, including work not only with film, but also with glass plates, and his choice largely reveals the author's attitude towards photography and his artistic view. Through the alchemy of photographic processes Eugene Glushen records not only light, but the moment itself, life.


At the residence, Eugene Glusheni will work with his hand-made cameras, develop and print photos created during his work in Kronstadt. The time spent at the Art Residence will enable Evgene to explore further the life of the island of Kotlin (Kronstadt), with its surroundings and the life of its inhabitants and display this experience on photographic paper. Kotlin had been open for visitors only for the last 12 years, and it is important for the photographer to record the life of the island here and now.

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