The Miracles of Idleness


01.07 - 03.08.2010, 00:00-20:00

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Program: [Regions]

Curator: [Nelya Korzhova ]

Emilie Pischedda, Valentin Souquet, Barbara Fourneret / Project Diligence artistic group
France/ «Ride one» / 12 color photographs, installation
Alexander Zaitsev / Russia. Samara / - installation "Bath"
Sergey Balandin / Russia. Samara / - "Bad Hand" / 12 drawings
Andrew Syaylev / Russia. Samara / - "Do not soak" / Graphics / 55x200 cm, oil on canvas
Eugene Bugaev / Russia. Samara / "Balm for vessels" / video 5.12 min

The desire to indulge in a magical state of idleness, easily glides through all borders. When one is young the edges of time have not yet appeared on the horizon, you have a chance to develop felicity to continue to live being unaware of it. The name of this project is accidental and derives from simple observations of a very young girl. She watched a dog, quietly relaxing in the sun. The dog was so immersed in her own happiness that she could not lie still, and constantly moved from one posture to another. "Miracles of idleness!" - the girl noted with clear understanding. Later, proposing the phrase as a title for a project to young artists I noticed how something happy flashed in their eyes. This was an obvious joy, because to the question 'What would you like to do? ", one can honestly answer " I want to do nothing. "

... at the same time: to walk aimlessly, endlessly around the city, to capture it by camera shutter and to think about it, about ones own protracted adolescence, to think about ones own flesh, to recognize this flesh and some another “flesh”, mysterious, under the layers of something, and yet slowly follow the thoughts to movements and experiments. And then something “secret" "innermost" appears, transfers into "young" art. In the presence of mind, work, luck, money, friends and patrons, an ability to void barmy, and yet be able to fall into a marvelous state of idleness to capture life on the fly, in adulthood this “secret” only " develops". "The Miracles of Idleness" — is a metaphor of essences of young artist, of the border between his outward and interior. The boundary between a movement and clarity, twilight and yearning. The project is presented as a collective self-portrait of young people of different ages, united by societial frames - "young", visualized in the image of "home". Exposition in a several adjoining rooms, in general, resembles a flat of a young person, where the different corners of the images settle their thoughts.

"Ride One" a project by French artist Emily Pechedda, Valentin Souquet, Barbara Fourneret occupies the largest space. It is a representation of the outer cover of their everyday life. "One ride" is a combination of the self in photos and performative installation. The images capture a couple of young people in a risky positions - the dashing skateboarders. However, the trick is that the skateboard is missing underneath, it's a fantasy — it jumps and moves nowhere. Unreality of events raises questions among the maturing generation about the disappointments.  The "skateboard" becomes a sample to review the values in the codes of the Universe. Heroes of the photos, in a strange, slightly outdated teenage clothes aimlessly master the deserted town and seeking a gap among the beauty of the cemetery, deserted streets and abandoned homes. Invisible "Skateboarding" becomes their third friend. The most dynamic characteristic image is a symbol of "Miracles of idleness", combining the concepts of motion, mobility, risk. He is not here, there is only installation, indicating it's significance.


The inner world of "home" is represented by artists: Alexander Zaitsev, Andrei Syaylev, Sergey Balandin, Eugeniy Bugaev.

Installation of Alexander Zaitsev "Bath" meets spectators, it displays a painted woman in it, near to the views of abandoned rooms.. Naked body covered with water, only a bunch of hair is a real object, fantastic breaks to the outside of the bathroom through drainage hole.

In the same space graphic collages of Andrey Syaylev "Do not soak" continue the theme of self-portraits and endless walks. The works are more narrative and explore the phenomenon of randomness.
It's like a permanent writing of a book, it looks like a diary, which affects the one who found it, not globally universally but trough individual handwriting.

An important part of the "inner world of the home" is represented in the room with works by Sergey Balandin
"Bad Hand" is a series of original graphic works - self-portraits of artist masturbating. In self-portrait as an artistic genre the artist usually is able to employ the unusual experience to look at yourself from outside. This is a look at yourself through the mirror, it is finding itself in the surrounding space. Drawings made on the reverse side of his student diploma thesis «The Poetics preromantizm in Lermontov's novel «Hero of our time». The author wrote it in his collage.

The spectators can not read the writing on the reverse side. Here he uses a literary device «message on the reverse side of the other letters», taken from the «Worldly outlook of Murr cat» written by Hoffman.
Most distant "dark" room displays a video installation by Eugeniy Bugaev. "Balm for the vessels" is an attempt to model using modern digital media the inner reality of the human "Me". "Inaction" of a sleep corresponds to the fullness of life and awakening becomes emptiness.

The exhibition is opened till August,3 at Moscow Museum of Contemporary Arts (Moscow, Ermolaevskiy pereulok,17)

Working hours: 12-20 (except Monday)

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