Contemporary Braille Graphics


23.12.2017 - 25.03.2018

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Program: [Exhibitions]

 Volgo-Vyatka Branch of NCCA as part of ROSIZO,
Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM (Perm)
supported by
the Ministry of Culture of the Perm region

Exhibition 'Contemporary Braille Graphics'
December 23, 2017 — March 25, 2018

According to various statistics, 12–18 million people of the contemporary Russian population have special developmental needs. During the Soviet period the social policy in relation to people with disabilities suggested their almost complete segregation from the rest of society. As a result, now a person with a disability is practically deprived of the opportunity to participate fully in the life of society. Overcoming discrimination, getting rid of segregation and prejudice is possible only if all the necessary conditions are provided for the people with special needs to be fully included into all aspects of social life.

Today's society quite rightly focuses on adapting people with disabilities to modern living conditions, but no less important is their equal access to the cultural heritage. The exhibition 'Contemporary Braille Graphics' sets precisely these objectives and is designed to help blind and visually impaired people to perceive contemporary art. At the heart of the exposition are three-dimensional models, which can be touched and carefully examined by touch.

All the works presented in this project are united by the idea of graphics.
The project’s co-authors aimed to show how the art of graphics is developing at present, what differences exist in graphical languages. This formed the selection of works: the tactile graphic gallery includes more objective works, both conventional and abstract.

In the project 'Contemporary Braille Graphics', creators and storytellers are not only a museum and an artist, but also blind and visually impaired people, they are given the opportunity to make judgments about a particular work. The museum leaves the freedom of interpretation and action in relation to the work, not giving the audience clear paths and not imposing certain emotions. The main task of the project is to find out whether an individual interpretation, based on the visitor's own experience and principles, will lead to the possibility of a common experience of art, and, as a result, to solidarity.

Artists: Sergey Gorshkov, Sergey Kamennoi, Mikhail Pavlyukevich, Nikolay Panitkov, Olga Subbotina, Olga Florenskaya, Aleksandr Florenskiy.

Project Manager: Anna Suvorova (Perm).

Curator: Natalya Savinova (Perm).

The exhibition opening will be held on December 22 at 19:00.

Opening time: Tuesday — Sunday, 12:00–20:00.
Every Wednesday the admission is free.

Address: 6 Kremlin, Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod.
Tel.: 8 (831) 422 45 54,

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