EXTENSION.LV: Meeting with Ourselves


17.11.2017 - 18.02.2018

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Program: [Exhibitions]

A group exhibition of contemporary Latvian artists – EXTENSION.LV: Meeting with Ourselves – was first shown in Moscow in the Triumph Gallery in April 2017, then in the Victoria Gallery in Samara, and finally made its way to the Arsenal.

Characteristic for many countries in today's world, the search for identity similarly determines the artistic life of Latvia. However, experiments on the identity construction remained in the 1990s, and today one can already observe the reflection of what eventually became reality, and the search for the possible means of describing this reality. The quote of Karl Gustav Jung, which became the second title of the exhibition – "meeting with ourselves belongs to the more unpleasant things" – describes precisely this state. Comprehension of your experience requires, as a rule, a certain distance. In the case of the Latvian art scene, such a distance is found in the space of myth, mysticism and esotericism, meditation and understanding the place of man in the modern world by creating your own illusory reality from installations, objects, paintings, video and graphic works.

The represented artists are united by similar professional trajectories. Almost all of them studied at the Latvian Academy of Arts, took part in exhibitions in Latvia and abroad, were nominees or winners of the Purvitis Prize. At the same time, the seeming homogeneity of the infrastructure gave impetus to a variety of artistic practices aimed at trying to look at oneself from outside and overcome the inconvenience of meeting with oneself.

Voldemars Johansons
Roman Korovin
Daiga Krūze
Liene Mackus
Diana Tamane
Mikelis Fisers
Andris Eglitis

Kristaps Epners
Atis Jakobsons

Kristina Romanova

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 12:00–20:00.
Entrance Tickets: 150 rub., reduced — 100 rub.
Admission is free every Wednesday.
Address: Building 6, Kremlin, Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
Phone.: 8 (831) 422 45 54

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