Tania Candiani. Codes. Sounds. Signs.


15.12.2016 - 12.03.2017

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Interactive exhibition of Tania Candiani, the leading artist representing technological art in Mexico, will open at the Arsenal on the 14th December at 19.00; the exhibition was previously shown at the Moscow Polytechnic Museum.

The Codes. Sounds. Signs. exhibition consists of reconst`ructed musical instruments and objects of sound-reproducing equipment. They not just combine technologies in one object, they expand the boundaries of the audience's experience, shatter primitiveness of the devices' functionality. The project of Tania Candiani describes forms of interaction between a musical instrument, a machine and a man.

The exhibition's central object is a unique hybrid multi-channel organ which combines acoustic and electronic elements; it was presented at the Mexican LaboratoriodeArteAlameda for the first time, and will be placed in the central Arsenal's rizalit, the double-height space with good acoustics. The device consists of two keyboards - one musical and the other from a typewriter. Each time someone strikes the carriage-return level, the written words are verbalized by the voice synthesizer. The musical keyboard features even more complex programming: each key and each cord is programmed to reproduce a phonic syllable, for a total of 1201 syllables which is equitable to the process of language acquisition. Sounds of oral speech are defined by the keys and chords, that allows to write down a text with notes, transforming it into a musical play. Notably, for the object's translation into Russian were invited such people as Russian philologists, famous Russian media artist ::vtol:: and a research assistant of the Moscow Conservatory Centre for Electroacoustic Music Alexey Nadzharov.

The exhibition also presents Sound Stories artwork, inspired by the famous tradition of the Mexican sound design originating in the epoch of radio dramas; foley artists used a wide variety of objects to create sound effects that on-air plots required. The work consists of four dome-shaped acoustic devices which reproduce sound design for three graphic novels created by foley artists (Gabriel Koll, Mayte Ramos and Rodrigo Ernandes) and for a painting by an artist Ivan Edeza named Informants of Sahagun.

Information: Tania Candiani is the most famous and iconic Mexican artist: in 2015 she represented her country at the Venice Biennale. Her growing interest to the topic of relations between art and technology inspired her to create installations, mechanisms and sound landscapes. Works of Candiani are included into private and state collections such as MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego), SDMA (San Diego Museum of Art), Mexican Museum (San Francisco) and Deutsche Bank. She received a grant from the Guggenheim Foundation and is a member of the National System of Art Creators since 2012.

The exhibition's curator - Natalia Fuks, art expert, researcher of new media and specialist in cultural management (MA Media Art Histories, Danube University, Austria / MA Cultural Management, University of Manchester, UK).


Opening hours: Tue. — Sun. 12:00–20:00
Admission fee: 150 rub., discount tickets — 100 rub.
Free admission on Wednesdays.
Address: Nizhny Novgorod, Arsenal, Kremlin, building 6.
Phone: 8 (831) 422 45 54, www.ncca.ru/nnovgorod

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