EXTENSION.KR. 10 contemporary South Korean artists


13.10 - 11.12.2016

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Program: [Exhibitions]

 Volga-Vyatka region branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts
Triumph Gallery
present the exhibition

EXTENSION.KR. 10 contemporary South Korean artists

October 13 — December 11

On October 12th at 19:00 the Arsenal halls will host opening of the exhibition of ten contemporary South Korean artists working in different techniques - from painting and graphics to video and sculpture.

The Extension.kr. 10 contemporary South Korean artists exhibition presents main trends of the South Korean art, which for the past years grew in popularity due to remarkable installations at the last Venice Biennale, large-scale exhibitions and fairs in London, Paris and Brussels. Jubilee exhibitions, dedicated to the work of Nam June Paik, the most famous Korean artist, are planned for this year all over the world.

The artists on show are unique in their diligent thoroughness, special attention to form and details. In their works they approach problems of interaction between a man and nature in the context of new technologies development, they also address the subject of memory and perception of the world. The exhibition is built around dialogues with the artists about problems of representation of one culture in domain of the other - recognition of personal and national identity with focus both on global and local contexts. "The art world was affected by the wave of globalization after the 1990s. It is amazing to see exhibitions of the South Korean artists being opened in different parts of the world while you yourself are working in Korea. In this historic moment interest in the native culture which is nowadays defined as local seems to be paradoxical, and yet it is still important," says an artist Kyunchul Shin. Replies of the authors and specially selected chronology presented at the exhibition will acquaint the audience with social, historical and cultural context, as well as with personal experience of the artists.

Extension.kr. 10 contemporary South Korean artists continues series of the EXTENSION exhibitions - project of the Triumph Moscow Gallery introducing contemporary art scene of different countries to the Russian audience. The Extension.kr exhibition was first presented in Moscow in spring 2016, it was accompanied by extensive education program dedicated to the history of contemporary art in South Korea, its distinctive features and ways in which Korean artists handle the quest for national identity. Half a year later, specifically for the Arsenal, the project was supplemented by new graphic works of an artist Jung Yeon Min, graphic series of Gyungsu An, as well as a new version of sculpture of Soo-Ahn Chwe from the 'Dreamers' series which became a symbol of the exhibition.

Curator: Kristina Romanova.
Consultant: Elena Khokhlova.
Artists: Gyungsu An, Kibeom Kwon, Kisoo Kim, Sang Gyun Kim, Jung Yeon Min, Jongkyu Pak, Unkyung Hur, Yun Kyung Jeong, Xooang Choi, Kyungchul Shin.

The organizers express their gratitude to Leeahn Gallery, Gallery Baton and Jung Hee Choi.
Public talk 'Contemporary South Korean Art: Catch Up and Overtake' will be held as a part of the exhibition's parallel program on October 26 at 19.00. Lecturer: Elena Khokhlova - Korea specialist, member of the council for the promotion of Korean culture in Russia, lecturer at the School of Asian Studies, National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Opening hours: Tue. – Sun. 12.00 – 20.00
Admission fee: 150 rub., discount tickets — 100 rub.
Free admission on Wednesdays.
Address: Nizhny Novgorod, Kremlin, building 6.
Phone: +7 (831) 422 45 54, www.ncca.ru/nnovgorod

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