Kingdom in a Chest


16.12.2015 - 13.03.2016

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Program: [Exhibitions]

Kingdom in a Chest is a unique exhibition developed by education and exhibition departments of the NCCA Volga-Vyatka region branch in collaboration with the artist Dmitry Tsvetkov. Artworks are presented not just as objects of contemplation, but also as applied technologies and creative techniques, which can be mastered by anyone.

Main characters of the exhibitions are little men; it is a symbolic theme that runs through all works of the artist – from paintings and graphics to costumes embroidered with gems. These little guests from Tsvetkov’s childhood connect his first artistic fantasies with artworks he creates now.

“All of this I painted when I was a child. Then began professional education, grown-up guys told me that I ought to paint a plaster nose, various still life compositions and so on. My education lasted ten years – first at an art school, then at the Surikov Institute. I became a painter, created paintings, participated in exhibitions. And then, as it happens, I came back to where I started since I realized that it is what is really mine” (excerpt from an interview with Dmitry Tsvetkov).

The Kingdom in a Chest exposition consists of several themed sections – treasury, armory, cloakroom – which store big valuables created and gathered by little men. Each section of the exposition is supplemented with a video lesson and a booklet which will assist visitors with creation of their own artworks in the Tsvetkov’s style.

New Year performances for children and their parents with master classes, quizzes and traditional round dance around New Year’s tree will take olace from January 03 till January 06.

Curators: Evgeniya Ignatushko, Alisa Savitskaya

Opening of the exhibition will take place on December 15 at 19.00
Admission fee: 150 rub., discount ticket – 100 rub.
Free admission on Wednesdays.

Address: Nizhny Novgorod, Arsenal, Kremlin, building 6.
Phone: 8 (831) 422 45 54

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