20.03 - 21.03.2015

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Arsenal between the past and the future

International discussion event – meeting of museums and exhibition halls
which used to be military facilities in the past

20-21 March 2015

Arsenals are military depots and arms repair shops, an essential part of all big cities since the Middle Ages; in the XX century, however, this meaning was lost. Conversion of an arms depot into depository of memory, attraction of artists for visualization of new public meanings have become contemporary tendency and successful practice. Transformation of each arsenal into territory of culture is the triumph of peaceful thinking over militaristic, of humanitarian values over conflicts. An Arsenal, converted into a museum, can consequently be regarded as a symbol of positive changes.

Assembly of Arsenals is a meeting of large family of arsenals from different cities and countries for creation of joint projects, exchange of cultural practices and establishing an international network of museums and exhibition centers located in ex-military objects – buildings of Arsenals. Invited experts will tell about their vision of new life of old military depots, share their experience of working with historical memory in context of contemporary culture, and discuss possible joint projects.

Assembly of Arsenals will be opened by the Head of Delegation of the European Union to Russia, Ambassador Vigaudas Usackas.

• Delegation of the European Union to Russia
• Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Russia
• Bulgarian Cultural Institute
• Goethe Institute
• Embassy of Estonia in Russia
• Royal Danish Embassy in Russia
• Embassy of Portugal in Russia
• Embassy of France Russia
• Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Details schedule of Assembly of Arsenal and list of participants are attached.

Preliminary accreditation of mass media journalists: 8(831) 422-75-55

ADDRESS: Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod, Kremlin, building 6

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