Public talk, workshop

21.09.2012, 17:00 Friday

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Program: [Kids workshop]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Curator: [Andrey Suzdalev]

Participant: [Fedor Mikhailov]

Optical toys, from prehistory of cinema and animation to media archeology

Meeting with the author of the project Fedor Mikhailov, a master of optical toys, media archaeologist, collector and teacher

"Animopticum" is an exhibition, educational and entertainment project on optical toys and cinema and animation history. The word "animopticum" consists of two parts: the anima - from the Latin word "soul", and optics - the science of light.

Spinning, glowing, reflecting, distorting and deceiving perception of scientific instruments in the nineteenth century were widely used as toys and entertainment, and have led to cinema and animation. Stories about how the picture came to life, are interesting to researchers, professionals and spectators. And today, when working with video and animation is part of a growing number of professions, we have much to learn from history.

17:00 - 18:30
For children 8 years and adults

The story about the history of cinema and animation with interactive demonstration of optical toys from the private collection

19:00 - 21.00

Introduction to media archeology
Array of material and textual artifacts from past media is much richer and more complex than a chain of ideas and their realization, ending with modern technologies and practices. Media archeology covers the diversity of thought. Dead branches, fantastic devices and forgotten discoveries are a rich source of inspiration for scholars and practitioners of media.

Photos by Andrei Suzdalev

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