Annual international festival of collections of contemporary art


28.07 - 23.08.2009, 12:00-19:00

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Program: [Collections]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, exhibition hall

Coordinator: [Alina Fedorovich]

The annual international festival of collections of contemporary art is held as a festival of private, corporate, and state collections of contemporary art; as a dialogue of viewpoints of collectors of artistic treasures, where cultural history is examined in the dramaturgy of real historical time.

The particular theme of the 2009 festival is the artists collection. Artists such as Grisha Bruskin, Mikhail Grobman, Vadim Zakharov, Vsevolod Nekrasov, Vladimir Nemukhin, Vladimir Tarasov, and others of their Russian and foreign colleagues have compiled significant and striking collections of their contemporaries works. Each collection has its own character, determined by the personal and professional predilections of the owner, who is simultaneously a participant in the artistic process.

Masters of book illustration: Vladimir Favorsky, Yury Vashcenko, Igor Makarevich, Boris Sveshnikov, Leonid Tishkov from collection of Boris Fridman.


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