17.10 - 27.11.2014

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October 17, 19:00. NCCA Small Hall
Guided tour with the curator and public talk by the exhibition artists
Curator Karin Zimmer
Artists: Catrin Bolt, Ulrike Konigshofer, Michael Goldgruber, Leopold Kessler, Hannes Zebedin, Bernhard Wolf

October 22, 19:30. NCCA Small Hall
Video screening of Wozzeck by Alban Berg
Opera by Alban Berg, member of the Second Viennese School of composers, one of the main Austrian art masterpieces of the early 20th century. Set in 1836 Germany, Wozzeck portrays the tragedy of a “small man”: a soldier led to a mania by the harsh army rules and a hypocritical lifestyle.

October 29, 19:30. NCCA Small Hall
Concert “The Viennese School and its traditions in contemporary music culture”
The event will present music of the Second Viennese School, performed by the XX Century Ensemble (art director: Maria Khodina). Performances will include compositions by A. Schoenberg, A. Webern and A. Berg as well as the Russian followers of the school, E. Denisov and A. Schnittke.

October 30, 19:30. NCCA Small Hall
Performance by Rainer Prohaska “Lunch box”
At the performance in Moscow, the artist will make a soup from the ingredients collected during his research trips to Europe, America and East Asia. The soup is a result, a “common denominator” of the artist’s research trips and a metaphor for the “melting pot” of globalism.

November 6, 19:30. NCCA Small Hall
Lecture by historian Alexey Stepanov, PhD: “History and culture of Austria – the traumas of post-war reality”
The lecture will examine the historical and cultural background of the post-war Austria, reflecting on the work of Viennese actionists. The literature of “blood and land”, fantastical realism, “the great legacy” and Viennese actionism will be looked at in the context of the traumas of post-war reality.

November 13, 19:30. NCCA Small Hall
Presentation of the international digital art award “Prix Ars Electronica” by Gerfried Stocker
Prix Ars Electronica is one of the most important and authoritative international awards in the field of media art, electronic and digital art, computer animation and music. It was founded in 1987 with the initiative of the Austrian Ars Electronica Festival. The award’s title is a combination of French, Latin and Spanish words.

November 19, 20:00. Saint Andrew Anglican Church (8 Voznesensky Lane)
Solo concert: “Dorit Chrysler and termenvox: a study in desire”
Her original compositions display a wide variety, from electronic pop to movie soundtracks. Lars von Trier used her compositions in his movies and she also performed with Elliott Sharp, Little Dee, Lee Hazlewood, Marilyn Manson, and Cluster, Chicks on Speed, Faust and Tocotronic.

November 20, 19:30. NCCA Small Hall
Dorit Chrysler’s master class on playing the termenvox
Being a world-renowned termenvox virtuoso and founder of the termenvox school for children and the society of termen performers, Dorit Chrysler has highly developed communication skills, which she uses during this master class.

November 26, 19:30. NCCA Small Hall
Presentation and discussion of the project Beyond Moscow with Georg Schöllhammer
Beyond Moscow – traveling research series Austria – Russia 2014/15 unites various initiatives in contemporary art in Russian cities, as well as art critics, curators and artists from Austria and Russia.

November 27, 19:30. NCCA Small Hall
Discussion “Young Art in Austria and Russia: between globalization and national art identity” with Karin Zimmer, Simon Mraz, Georg Schöllhammer, Darya Kamyshnikova, Bernhard Rehn, Ursula Maria Probst etc.
The discussion will focus on the theme of national art identity and to what extent it concerns the young generation of contemporary artists in Russia and Austria.


Esther Stocker. Clutterd geometry, 2013
From the collection of the Austrian Federal Art Collection Artothek


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