Movie painting
Movie painting exhibition is an attempt of an aesthetical articulation of cinematography in painting, an attempt to define the plastic correlation between the... [More]


The NCCA gives its visitors a unique opportunity to learn about various lines in the activity of the Centre with its exhibition and concert activities, children... [More]

Museum night

Featured: Alexei Nadzharov, Group Vo vseh kinoteatrah and ets. [More]


Russian art emigration today
This science conference is another step in the development of the Russia Abroad program which is active since 2002. Major personal art shows and a number of... [More]

Science conference

Videoformat |linearity|
The Videoformat [linearity] exhibition features videos of the artists who explore the technology of linear montage and reject montage or use the method of montage in... [More]


Cycle anchor: Yevgeny Barabanov Attendance is paid [More]


Gabrielle Leidloff (Germany). X-ray & Photographs
Gabrielle Leidloff, an artist, represents one of the newest trends in contemporary actual art developing in the visual space of the image research of the nerve... [More]


Non-compulsory. Sergey Shutov
Following in the steps of Tsiolkovsky and Fyodorov, he is getting ready for the resurrection of the dead and provides unique flying devices for all those who did not... [More]

Public talk

Directors: David Barison, Daniel Ross, 2004. Film show, discussion session. Anchor: Oleg Aronson. [More]

Film screening

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