To make your hands strong
Pyotr Bystrov, Kirill Preobrazhensky [More]

Presentation, video show

Art criticism
Cycle anchor Yevgeny Barabanov [More]


The book as a paper theater
Featured: Evelina Schatz, Mikhail Pogarsky, Victor Goppe, Andrey Bartenev. [More]

Public talk

Cycle anchor: Yevgeny Barabanov [More]


Video from the NCCA collection
This project features a panoramic show of video works from the NCCA collection and the definition of priorities in the selection of the video works, the explanation... [More]

Video program

Calligraphy theater
The calligraphy theater is a combination of the plastic theater art (the dialogue of the word, of the visual image and of acoustics) and of the personal gesture of an... [More]

Multimedia performance

Kormer Vladimir Fyodorovich
Vladimir Kormer graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of the Moscow Engineering and Physical Institute, but he devoted himself to writing and... [More]

Book presentation

Cycle anchor: Yevgeny Barabanov [More]


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