Creative Studios for children and adults

Creative Studios for children and adults are located in a historical building – the house of artist Vasily Polenov, built in 1916 – and combine an array of original workshops in various genres: media art – photo, video and animation; graphic art and basics of design; styling design, sculpture and ceramics. The workshop programs are aimed at various age groups and offer students a chance to try out various art disciplines through regular classes.

Creative Studios offer integrated creative development for children, teenagers and youth aged 5 -16 and over. The main goals of the workshops are: development of project thinking, introduction to contemporary visual culture, introduction to the context of contemporary art for beginner artists. During classes students participate in the creation of original creative projects.

During classes, students may try on the roles of an artist, cameraman, director, photographer and sculptor. Also functioning is the “Special Artists” workshop for people with special needs (autism).



                     "Moving Pictures" Workshop                                       “Sculpture and Ceramics” workshops
           +7 (906) 763-42-10 Andrey Suzdalev                                  +7 (903) 234-61-98 Olga Khan
                                                                                                +7 (917) 546-52-31 Maria Khatuntseva



                              Video Art workshop                                                 “Theory and Practice” workshop
           +7 (903) 678-66-12 Vasily Bogatov                                 +7 (926) 161-92-86 Vera Laponkina
           +7 (916) 144-05-44 Taisia Krugovyh                               +7 (926) 575-65-47 Tatiana Laponkina



                    “Special artists” studio                                                 “The Artist's Book” workshop
       +7 (915) 050-90-85 Veronika Pavlenko                                +7 (906) 763-42-10 Valery Korchagin


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